Craft Fair Shows and how I prepared for this season

First of all, let me apologize

After being absent for about a month, I wish to apologize to you for not being here for you. I have been both working a full-time job and prepping for the upcoming craft fair shows I will be at this fall.

With that said, I must confess that I have decided to quit my job and can now re-focus on sharing my crochet business life with you. No, I did not leave the job for this purpose. I actually liked the job. However, there were some extenuating circumstances that led me to that decision.

The Craft show Season

So, now I have a few days before my craft show and I have been crocheting up a storm of product to bring with me. Here are a few pictures of what my potential customers can choose from.

Picture of Craft fair show Boo Bees Orange and black with white wings
BOO Bees

My son calls these Halloween themed Bee’s, “BOO Bees”! I thought that was very clever of him. LOL!

Picture of crochet Craft fair show pumpkins in the garden, gold, purple and orange
Pumpkin Patch

In addition to those Items, that I have lots of! I will have the crochet Whales, a new line of Dinosaurs, a few stuffed bears, baby blankets, lovies, and owls. There will be other things as well, but these are the items that I am hoping sell the best.

After all this work, it has recently come to my attention that the weather is not going to be cooperative. We have an 80% chance of thunderstorms! UGH! All of the vendors at this weekend’s show will hang as best we can outside in the elements.

So, how do I prep for craft fair shows?

I belong to an online group called “Crochet-preneur“, in this group, I have learned many tips to get myself prepped for craft shows. Some of the information is free, others have a cost attached. The information garnered from this online group is unfathomable and believe me when I say, I would not be as prepared without it. You can learn so much from other’s experiences!

Another thing that the craft show entrepreneur needs to know is HOW TO SET UP their display tent. So, for that, I also turn to an online group, Vendor display. With the visuals that vendors share of their tent setups, I am able to visualize how I want to set up my tent for a successful day of sales!

Another thing to think about is what items are trending at craft shows. As you know, I mostly do stuffed animals and baby blankets. I’m not exactly sure how that will work this fall, so I added the Home Decor pumpkins in different colors, and one traditional pumpkin! All I can do is give it a try for this first show, then either replicate or change up for the next one. This will be the pattern for the next couple of months.

Now you have a few things to look at to see what it takes to have a successful craft fair event, or at least be prepared for a successful event. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I’m off to have a successful craft fair show now! Don’t forget to log onto my facebook on Saturday between the hours of 9A and 3P to see my “live” bit!

Until next time!

Nana Dawn

There are Only 146 days until CHRISTMAS? Can you Believe it?

As of today, Christmas is just 146 days away! What? You say, but how can that be! I haven’t yet paid off last Christmas! UGH! well, it is true, it is only 146 days until Christmas.

Only 146 days until Christmas?
Christmas illustration by lizaveta arhipova is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

According to a very reliable source of mine, it seems that people are now starting their Christmas shopping in mid-August. Are you going to be ready for the Christmas shoppers looking for that unique gift? What do you have in your crochet goodie bag that will light up the faces of the recipient of that goodie?

there are Only 146 days until Christmas. Turned on red and blue merry Christmas neon sign
Photo by Jameel Hassan on

I am seriously hoping to improve my Christmas sales this year, so I’ve signed up for several craft fairs. Starting in September and running until Thanksgiving weekend I have about 6 craft fairs that I will be prepping for.

With only 146 days until Christmas…

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that is great for the crocheter. Gosh, we’ve got Labor Day, School starting, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, too! There are so many things we could be making for each of these Holidays. But isn’t there something, one thing, that you really want to make and not worry about all the other Holidays? I mean, I want to make one thing that can be changed slightly for each Holiday.

All year I have been wondering what will sell this year. I have always in the past just crocheted what people asked me to make for them. Since I have so many craft fairs coming up, I think I might just settle into just one or two different items this year. It would sure be easier for me since I have so many gifts to make for upcoming birthdays in addition to Christmas gifts.

I have had plans to write up the pattern for my Santa Claus, but time gets away from me so quickly! I want to make product not necessarily write patterns. However, pattern writing has a quicker monetary reward, especially on Etsy. People are always looking to purchase crochet patterns I think more than they are willing to purchase a ready-made item. I am not sure about that, but maybe.

a row of christmas stockings hanging on wooden wall
Photo by Goran Grudić on

So, whatever it is that you decide to make for your Christmas Sales this year, make it the best and get started early!

Get started now

Speaking of getting ready early, how about a book by one of my favorite pattern writers with 55 great gifts to make for any time of year!

Daisy Farms Crafts has recently published this beautiful book with over 50 wonderful crochet patterns, many of which you may have seen on Facebook or Pinterest. I bought the book over the weekend and received it on Monday. I have already selected a couple of baby blankets to make since I have friends who are having babies this year. Not only does this book have baby blankets, but they’ve included some hats patterns and potholder patterns as well. This is going to be a very much-loved Crochet Pattern Book in this house!

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Until Next Time!

Love, Nana Dawn

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