Crochet Baby Blanket Pink


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This pink, white and purple baby blanket is soft and luxurious! Use as a baby shower gift, Stroller Cover, or a nursing cover.

Material: 100% acrylic crochet bedding blanket
Durable And Breathable Crocheted Baby Blanket
Many uses for this Blanket: lay on the floor for tummy-time, swaddle your babe, use in the crib, stroller, or the car seat, this can even be used as a nursing cover. Year-Round uses!

Measuring 26″ by 35″ makes for a perfect and warm cover for the new member of the family.
Use as a baby shower gift. Give to Grandma and Grandpa to use at their home for the baby’s visit!

A Short Warning: The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that you do not use soft bedding in your infant’s crib for at least the first year of life, including any baby blankets, security blankets, cotton muslin, pillows, or soft toys.

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