How to survive a Hurricane in 10 easy steps

Evacuate when told to do so. Period. End of story. This is How to Survive a Hurricane in 10 easy steps.

Hurricane Image by David Mark from Pixabay How to survive a hurricane in 10 easy steps
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Seriously, my son lives in Port Charlotte and he stayed at the house with the pets while my daughter in law went up to Ohio. The trip had previously been scheduled so she did leave because of the Hurricane Ian, the timing could not have been better though! My son should have taken the camper with the pets and left the area, going further south, towards Naples or even across Alligator Alley toward Miami. He would have been better off.

He did not suffer any damage to the house, thank God. The road he lives on had trees fall across it, but nothing he couldn’t fix with the chain saw. The neighbors veranda roof ended up in his front yard, then it moved across the street.

I live in the Charleston, SC area and we did not evacuate, we did watch the storm very closely for days on end! We also live inland 25 miles, and we did not feel that it prudent to evacuate. In the 20 years I have lived here, we have NOT had an event that would cause us to evacuate.

Steps you can take to ensure you know How To Survive a Hurricane

Being prepared for any severe weather heading in your direction is not a suggestion. More people will die from not being prepared compared to those that ‘prep’ before. What are some things you can do to prepare?

Below is a quick list of things to have on hand in case of a weather emergency. This is by far NOT a comprehensive list. Follow your local emergency protocols. When you are advised to evacuate, please evacuate, it is in yours and your family’s best interest.

  1. Have a portable weather/emergency radio – get one here
  2. Water. You will need 1 gallon per person per day
  3. Dry food storage. Make sure you have foods that can be cooked over open fire or your grill.
  4. Frozen jugs of water. This will help your fridge stay cold longer.
  5. Make sure your gas tank is FULL
  6. Make sure you charge all of your cell phones, tablets, and what not. Have a backup battery charger. You can find one here.
  7. Make sure you have an emergency kit, you can find several to choose from here.
  8. Find the safest area in your home to protect you from getting fatally wounded
  9. Prepare a list of contacts for family and emergency officials, fire, police, etc.
  10. Make sure your family not living in your area know where you are.

As I stated above the list, this is not a comprehensive list, but a good starting point for everyone. Whether you live in the Midwest or on either coast, it is a good idea to be prepared for any type of emergency.

My own emergency prep

I like to make sure that I have a blanket in the car. Not that it gets freezing down here in SC very often, but, one never knows! If you have an electric car, well, good luck on freezing cold days if your battery dies and you can’t get a charge!

I carry a small battery pack in my purse to recharge my phone if I am ever caught in an emergency and my phone starts to die. We have also filled glass bottles with water and store them under the house in our crawl space. Our freezer has many plastic jugs with water frozen to help the freezer stay colder should the power go our.

In the End….

I hope and pray that you all are safe and sound. That if you live in an area that was hit by Hurricane Ian, that you are able to get back up and running quickly.

There are many ways to donate should you wish to. Be careful though and watch out for fakes trying to get your dollars. Donate through the Red Cross or United Way.

Until Next Time…

Nana Dawn

P.S. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Nana’s Attic Crochet for Christmas related releases!

Only 90 Days Until Christmas

Only 90 Days Until Christmas
Only 90 Days Until Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas yet? I know, most will say no. But if you own a
business, your a little late to get started. With that being said, I think I’m
ready, but then again, I don’t think I am. Only 90 days until Christmas!

As you know, I’ve been doing craft fairs around my area. Two weeks ago we
did one at a local church. The sales were low, the weather was hot and sticky
humid, so much so, that we ended up inside the school area of the Church in the
preschool room. We were kind of out of the way, so we did not see much traffic.
It was worth it anyway. Anytime you can get your business name out there for
people to see, it is worth it.


Craft Fair Table Setup
Craft Fair Table Setup

This past weekend we did another craft fair and it was such a huge success, that this week I am doing nothing but crocheting more product for the next 3 craft fairs. I mean we sold out of nearly everything! It was such a huge success! My husband and I were beyond ecstatic and thrilled. The weather played a large part to our success. The foot traffic was plentiful and there was a car show across the way that pulled even more foot traffic.

Up Coming Shows

ALA Post 178 Craft fair Flyer
ALA Post 178 Craft fair Flyer

Our next craft fair will be in Murrell’s Inlet, SC. at the American Legion on Hwy 17 Business. If you are in the area, please stop in and meet us! It will be Saturday, October 29, 2022 and starts at 9AM and run until 2PM.

We will be at The Metro-North Church on Central Ave in Goose Creek on November 12, 2022 and on December 3, 2022, we will be at the Carnes Crossroads Fall festival in Summerville, SC.

Only 90 Days Until Christmas

So to prep for this Christmas Season, obviously I am crocheting day and night! I need to make sure I have the most amount of each item as I possibly can. Maybe making 20 of each item should be enough, but then again, I did sell out of the pumpkins and the dinosaurs rather quickly last weekend, so maybe 40 of each for the next 3 fairs, that’s a lot of work.

I am incorporating snowmen in college team colors, dinosaurs in team colors, pumpkins, and of course my Nativity Scene (without the Elf) with a stable. I will have two of these available for sale.

Nativity Scene Crochet
Nativity Scene Crochet

I’m off to crochet more product so that we can have a successful craft fair season! Don’t forget to log onto my Facebook page as I will be doing live bits off and on. I’ll be sure to post this information again before our next show so you won’t forget!

I did do a live bit at the first craft fair, but I unfortunately did on my personal page and NOT on my business page, so, I’m sure no one saw it. LOL!

You can always see previous blog posts by visiting this link.

Until next time!

Nana Dawn

There are Only 146 days until CHRISTMAS? Can you Believe it?

As of today, Christmas is just 146 days away! What? You say, but how can that be! I haven’t yet paid off last Christmas! UGH! well, it is true, it is only 146 days until Christmas.

Only 146 days until Christmas?
Christmas illustration by lizaveta arhipova is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

According to a very reliable source of mine, it seems that people are now starting their Christmas shopping in mid-August. Are you going to be ready for the Christmas shoppers looking for that unique gift? What do you have in your crochet goodie bag that will light up the faces of the recipient of that goodie?

there are Only 146 days until Christmas. Turned on red and blue merry Christmas neon sign
Photo by Jameel Hassan on

I am seriously hoping to improve my Christmas sales this year, so I’ve signed up for several craft fairs. Starting in September and running until Thanksgiving weekend I have about 6 craft fairs that I will be prepping for.

With only 146 days until Christmas…

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that is great for the crocheter. Gosh, we’ve got Labor Day, School starting, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, too! There are so many things we could be making for each of these Holidays. But isn’t there something, one thing, that you really want to make and not worry about all the other Holidays? I mean, I want to make one thing that can be changed slightly for each Holiday.

All year I have been wondering what will sell this year. I have always in the past just crocheted what people asked me to make for them. Since I have so many craft fairs coming up, I think I might just settle into just one or two different items this year. It would sure be easier for me since I have so many gifts to make for upcoming birthdays in addition to Christmas gifts.

I have had plans to write up the pattern for my Santa Claus, but time gets away from me so quickly! I want to make product not necessarily write patterns. However, pattern writing has a quicker monetary reward, especially on Etsy. People are always looking to purchase crochet patterns I think more than they are willing to purchase a ready-made item. I am not sure about that, but maybe.

a row of christmas stockings hanging on wooden wall
Photo by Goran Grudić on

So, whatever it is that you decide to make for your Christmas Sales this year, make it the best and get started early!

Get started now

Speaking of getting ready early, how about a book by one of my favorite pattern writers with 55 great gifts to make for any time of year!

Daisy Farms Crafts has recently published this beautiful book with over 50 wonderful crochet patterns, many of which you may have seen on Facebook or Pinterest. I bought the book over the weekend and received it on Monday. I have already selected a couple of baby blankets to make since I have friends who are having babies this year. Not only does this book have baby blankets, but they’ve included some hats patterns and potholder patterns as well. This is going to be a very much-loved Crochet Pattern Book in this house!

Don’t forget to visit my shop! CLICK HERE

Until Next Time!

Love, Nana Dawn

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It’s Christmas in July and…

it is also my birthday today!

Christmas in July Virtual sale image with Santa and a surfboard
July 25 - July 31st
Christmas in July Virtual

For this Christmas in July sale, if you use my coupon code, CHRISTMAS22, you’ll receive 10% off an order totaling $80 or more! You have to shop through my Etsy store,, to get the sale!

Just visit this It’s Christmas in July, to see all the shops that are involved with this virtual Christmas in July, Stress Free Christmas Shopping experience!

We hope to see you there!

And yes, it is my birthday today, July 25, 2022. I won’t bore you with my age, but I am a Nana to 8 beautiful grandchildren! They have all called and or texted to wish a happy birthday and I even got a call from my dad!

Until Next time!

Love, Nana Dawn

We did a thing! Would you believe it?

ok, I know this is a blog about me and my crochet business, Nana’s Attic Crochet, but sometimes, I just have to break out the champagne and celebrate for something WE did. Would you believe it? We did a thing!

So, I do craft shows and it is difficult at best to transport all my ‘stuff’ in a 4-door car. My husband has an SUV, but it is now 17 years old. So, on my very first day of work (July 5), my husband went to the car store and found an “affordable” replacement. The “affordable” is not what I would call affordable, but we needed a second vehicle since his old one just decided it no longer wanted to be used to transport humans or craft goodies for the market.

After 2 hours, we walked out of the store with new keys to my new Nana Sleigh! My husband gets the 4-door Kia Optima and I get the newer Kia Sorento. It is a pretty sweet ride!

We did a thing. now Nana has a new sleigh!
Nana’s New Sleigh; 2020 Kia Sorento

If this wasn’t enough for us, then what happened next sent someone screaming!

Well, all the newness of the Kia could not be dampened when the AC unit decided to quit working last Tuesday! Called our service out to check it, the vent that regulates the coolant froze up. We had to shut the unit down so that it could thaw out. We have been without AC for a week now. Thankfully we had an unused portable AC unit in the FROG (finished room over the garage) we just brought it downstairs and put it in the bedroom so that we could at least get some cool sleep. The AC unit will be repaired this week, but it’s been a few hot days!

Have you ever heard of the Red Neck Air Conditioner? No? Well, I fashioned one today for the living room. Not exactly the best most efficient way to cool a cathedral ceilinged room, but in a pinch, anything is better than hot air.

Red Neck Air Conditioner - We did a thing
Our Red Neck Air Conditioner

That’s it for this week folks! Hopefully, I’ll come up with a NEW topic for next week. Still struggling with the time management issue between work and Crochet Business.

Want to learn to make your own Red Neck AC? Check out this video (not an affiliate link).

Do you know anyone expecting a new baby sometime soon? I have ready-made blankets crying for a new babe to wrap around. Check them out here.

Until next time!

Love, Nana Dawn

Who doesn’t LOVE FREE stuff?

Last week I got a text from a woman who asked me if I wanted some yarn, for free. Well, YAH!!! I do! I mean, Who doesn’t LOVE FREE stuff? Am I right or am I right!

It seems that she had recently closed her yarn shop in North Carolina and has several tubs full of different yarns left over and she offered them to me.

How did she learn about me? Well, through a mutual friend of course!

What ideas do you have that I can make?

What did I get for free yarn?

Who doesn't LOVE Free Stuff?
Free Yarn sample
Free Yarn in tub
More Free yarn
More free yarn
Free Yarn again
Very special yarn!
Special Yarn surprise

Preview in new tab

As you can see by the above images, there is a good number of different colors, weights, and textured yarns for me to make things with. There is enough in a few of the yarn skeins to make a sweater or a new throw for the living room. I have so much yarn now, it is going to be tough deciding what to work on next!

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How to publish your first crochet pattern

It has taken me a year to do it, but I finally got a pattern written, tested, videoed the entire process to create one grenade, videoed a technique related, tech edited, and finally published! 


Why did it take me a year?  I didn’t have a design in mind, I really didn’t understand all that goes into writing a perfect pattern, or one that people will spend their dollars on.

So, what is my pattern?  Well, a couple of weeks ago, I did a post on the Water Grenades. That is what my paid pattern is! It is, in my humble opinion, the perfect pattern. Quick and easy to write, not much detail that needed to be edited technically wise, and an easy pattern for testers. A few pictures were added to it and voila! A Written Pattern is born!

Pattern for Wate Grenades img
Water Grenades 1st page

In the process of getting a pattern published, it does take time. As stated above, there are several steps that need to be completed even before getting the pattern written.

What you will need to get published:

  • To begin with, find your Design, your idea of an item you think will sell
  • Make sure to have your yarn and hook,
  • You’ll need a process to follow to make sure that you get everything just right.
  • While writing the pattern you want to make sure that you are documenting every step and getting pictures of those steps.
  • You must compile it to paper, or in my case, a Word document.
  • Next, you need someone or several people to test it for you.
  • Make your corrections per their experience.
  • Then you send it to the tech editor
  • Next, make the suggested corrections/additions/deletions, and
  • Lastly, change it to a PDF and save it to your store as a digital document the purchaser can download instantly.

As a result, this process to Publish a Crochet Pattern will result in a professionally written pattern your customers will purchase and not complain due to poor processes within the pattern.

I hope you get the opportunity to write your crochet pattern someday soon, it is a thrill!

The paid version of this pattern is available on and  

Go ahead and jump on over to either store to make your purchase for some summertime fun!

I would like to thank Cherie at Sweet Bird Crochet for her Technical Expertise; she is a dream Ya’ll, and she made the entire process seem so easy! 

Until next time!

Love Nana Dawn

9 of My favorite baby blankets

9 of my favorite baby blankets
Photo of Baby Blankets Folded

This week will showcase 9 of My Favorite Baby Blankets. Some of these are available in my store, in case you’d like to make a purchase.

There are so many different styles of baby blankets, that it was tough for me to list only 9 of my favorite baby blankets. The number of patterns I have for them is overwhelming and I will never get the opportunity to make them all.

Some baby blankets take a week or more to complete. Some are much more intricate, like the one I am currently working on pictured below.

This particular blanket is taking me forever to create! It is not exactly complicated, because it is just 4 rows repeated throughout the entire length desired. The border will be much more complicated and detailed. It will also be my most expensive baby blanket in my shop and will be worth the cost!

White Vintage Victorian Baby Blanket
Vintage Victorian Baby Blanket

With so many patterns how on earth do I choose which one I will make next or right now? To be perfectly honest, it isn’t easy! This blanket is available in my store, just click on the text below the image to go to this listing.

The above image is of an Interlocking Crochet pattern from Caron’s Simply Soft yarn. What a pain it was, but it turned out so nice and soft! The hardest part was that you don’t see the pattern until you are quite into the pattern of repeat rows. Nice blanket, super soft, and pretty large too. This blanket is available in my store, just click on the text below the image to go to this listing.

The baby blanket below is done in a stitch pattern known as the Blanket Stitch and is a pretty easy pattern to follow, even for a new crocheter. This blanket is also available in my store.

One of the easiest stitches I use to make blankets is the shell stitch, it is just 5 double crochet every two stitches. It works up fast and is rather pretty! See image below.

Shell Stitch blue variegated baby blanket
Shell Stitch blue variegated baby blanket

I had a couple of skeins of Velvet yarn, so I whipped up a purple velvet baby blanket. It is incredibly soft and thick!

Purple Velvet Baby Blanket
Purple Velvet Filet Stitch Blanket

Baby blankets for my grandbabies

I have eight (8) grandchildren and I have made baby blankets for all of them when they were born. The one below was given to my Jay-bug (her nickname from me) 8 long years ago. The Mint Green blanket was for another grandchild born that year.

Blanket I made Jadyn in 2014
Baby blanket from 2014
Mint Green baby blanket
Mint Green baby blanket 2014

Where to find baby blanket patterns

Baby blankets come in many varieties and colors as well as sizes. There are many patterns available on and on Ravelry. com.

So, go check out all the blanket patterns available if you’d like to start one of your own.

I hope you have a great week and celebrate the Fourth of July responsibly!

Until Next Time!

Love Nana Dawn

Annie’s Love To Crochet Club

When you’re in Columbia, SC


I just have to share with you, my readers, that this past Memorial Day Weekend, my husband and I spent the weekend in Columbia, SC for an American Legion Convention. Since my husband is a long-time member, we had to go, no problem! We had a great time!

As much as I love to crochet, I do occasionally need a day or two off. This was a much-needed time away from home. Of course, my husband did have me make him a crochet poppy flower to wear in his meetings. Showing off my crochet skills yet again! Gotta love a man that shows your work to everyone, showing how proud he is of you! woohoo!

Among the great things to do in Columbia, SC’s downtown area are visiting the Sheraton Hotel’s ROOFTOP bar for great views and cocktails. When you come, plan to include a Saturday in your stay. Saturdays the Main Street is closed to traffic and vendors line 3 blocks with foods, gifts, artists, there are so many wonderful scents to take in and the food selection is awesome!

View from Sheraton Rooftop Bar

I did find just one crochet related vendor among the Saturday Street Vendors. Sometimes at craft markets or street vendor days I’m not sure if I’m disappointed that there aren’t more sellers of the craft.

The only Crochet Business among the Street Vendors

One of the restaurants that we hit up twice was Cantina 76 at Main Street and Lady Street. Mexican food done great! Service was terrific. The only issue I had was that the Fish taco is just two small fish pieces and jalapenos. I don’t eat jalapenos, so I asked for those to be removed, what I got was a soft tortilla with two small fried fish pieces. I was terribly disappointed. I asked for a traditional taco and just put the fish on top and was quite satisfied in the end!

The State House is at the end of the road and just before you get there, you’ll find a Halls Chophouse, we missed that, but the taco joint was good enough for us!

My husband surprised me with a new bracelet as an anniversary gift! Shock! It is very nice (I won’t go overboard on my enthusiasm).

Columbia, SC is also home of USC, University of South Carolina, there are many shops that sell things that say, “Go Cocks”, a little store in the hotel is called “Miss Cocky”, and a few other named stores reflective of the team mascot. So. if you get offended easily, don’t look! LOL!

So, if you are ever in the Columbia SC area, you’ve got to check out the downtown area. It is one of the MUST SEE areas of this lovely state. Next time, you’ve got to come to Charleston, SC! I live just outside of this quaint historic city.

Until next time!

Love ya,

Nana Dawn

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