With the winter season fast approaching…Make your own Indoor Snowball Game

With the winter season fast approaching, crocheter and knitter’s projects change seasonally. From spring and summer sweaters made of lighter yarns such as bamboo, to sweaters and scarves made of wool and wool blends.

So too do the toys that some of us make. This past summer, I crocheted a water game toy to be used instead of water balloons. You do know that water balloons are a danger for children and animals alike. You remember the water grenades I made right? If not, you can visit that blog right here: How to make your own Water Grenades. Anyhow, making stuffed animals and toys are kind of my thang! LOL!!

The other day while perusing my favorite crochet internet pages, I came across another game toy, this time for WINTER GAMES!! woohoo! ok, so what it is?

Indoor Snowballs! Yup. I found a wicked easy (yes, I said that!) and quick way to make them! And guess what? You can get 12 of them from one skein of Bernat Blanket Yarn, an 8 mm crochet hook and some poly-fill stuffing.

bucket full of snowballs
Indoor Snowball Game

With the winter season fast approaching…Make your own Indoor Snowball Game! Here’s how:

Here are the instructions:

  • Make a magic circle with 6 sc (View the video here)
  • increase each sc – 12 sc
  • 1 sc, 1 inc repeated around – 18 sc
  • 2 sc, 1 inc repeated around – 24 sc
  • Next, crochet 2 rounds of sc (each round-24 sc)
  • 2 sc, 1 dec around – 18 sc
  • 1 sc, 1 dec around – 12 sc
  • Stuff your snowball
  • dec 6 times – 6 sc
  • stuff more stuffing in there, make it firm, but no so firm that the snowball is hard.
  • fasten off with a long tail, about 10″
  • using a darning needle, close up the hole, then send the needle through your ball to the other side and tug gently so that there is no point on the ball. Go through a different stitch through to the other side and repeat. Bring yarn for the final pull through and cut the yarn. Make sure that your yarn is inside the ball.

There you are! You now have your first snowball. Just repeat this until you’ve made the number of balls that you desire. Now through them at your loved ones for a fun game of INDOOR SNOWBALL FIGHT!

With the winter season fast approaching … we also realize that we have gifts we need to make for one reason or another.

Daisy Farms Crafts has recently published this beautiful book with over 50 wonderful crochet patterns, many of which you may have seen on Facebook or Pinterest. I bought the book over the weekend and received it on Monday. I have already selected a couple of baby blankets to make since I have friends who are having babies this year. Not only does this book have baby blankets, but they’ve included some hats patterns and potholder patterns as well. This is going to be a very much-loved Crochet Pattern Book in this house!

Get your copy today!

How To Make your own Reusable Water Grenades

This is the perfect time to play with Water Grenades! The heat this week is UNBELIEVABLE! The feels “LIKE” temps in our area are well over 100 deg Fahrenheit, that’s a heat that no amount of water from the sprinkler will cool you off.

One of the hottest trending activities for the kids this summer is the balloon-less Water Grenades, also known as, reusable water balloons, reusable water bombs, or reusable water grenades. Hugely popular during times of intense heat and their fun in the pool!

People are obsessed with this fun game as there is no rubber mess to clean up, no balloon pieces for wildlife to eat or choke on. The best, cleanest, inexpensive, and easiest way to have a water balloon fight with your friends and family! So, CLICK HERE to go to the instructions to make your very own, unforgettable game of throwing water balloons. Without the mess!

Water Grenades
Water Grenades

No more standing at the sink to fill a bag full of balloons, cleaning up broken balloon pieces, worrying that your pets may find pieces and accidentally choke, worrying that rubber balloon will break apart end up ruining or harming your pool pump. Washable, dry-able, and reusable, these are a must-have for any family summer gathering.

Crochet reusable Water Grenades pattern

To purchase the pattern with all links and no ads, click here.

There are MANY free crochet patterns out there, and most, if not all, use the Bernat Blanket yarn. But, if you don’t have any on hand and you still want to make some water grenades, grab a 5.5 mm hook and some chunky 5-weight yarn.

These can be made in under 20 minutes each! So, in a couple of hours, you could have 6-12 grenades ready to be thrown! Depending on how fast you can crochet them.  No muss, no fuss!

Watch my video here.

Materials Needed:

Chunky YARN – Get yarn here.

5.5 mm crochet hook: Get Hook here

Stich Markers – Get here

Make a magic circle with 6 sc, OR chain 2, put 6 sc in the 2nd chain from your hook.

2 sc in each of the 6 sc place a stitch marker here– you’ll now have 12 sc, you’ll want to use your stitch marker here.

1 sc in the first sc, then 2 sc in the next, repeat that pattern around – you’ll now have 18 sc – move your stitch marker here.

SC around on this round – 18 sc – move your stitch marker here

1 sc in the next 2 sc, 2 sc in the next sc. Repeat this around – you’ll now have 24 sc – move stitch marker here

SC around 2 times – 24 sc – move your stitch marker here

2 SC, decrease (sc two stitches together), repeat this around – you’ll now have 18 stitches – move stitch marker here

SC around – 18 stitches – move your stitch marker here

1 SC, then decrease, repeat this around – you will now have 12 stitches – Move your stitch marker here.

SC around – 12 sc – Move your stitch marker

SC decrease around – 6 stitches remain – move your stitch marker here

SC around – 6 sc -move your stitch marker

1 SC in next stitch, SC decrease, SC in next stitch, SC decrease. Move your stitch marker here (or remove it as I did in the video). You now have 4 stitches left. 

2 sc in each stitch – 8 stitches

1 sc in the first sc, then 2 sc in the next, repeat that pattern around – you’ll now have 12 Stitches.

Finish off and weave in your ends.

There you have it! A brand-new water grenade to throw at a friend!

Now, if you don’t crochet and can wait a few days, you can order the Water Grenades from my store. Just follow this link: Water Grenades

Popsicle Season is upon us!

It is Summertime here in South Carolina and it is HOT!

coconut trees on brown sand
Photo by Jean Frenna on Pexels.com

We don’t live close enough to the beach for me to be there every day, I have had to come up with other outlets to get cooled off, like turning the sprinklers on and letting the water hit me as I work in the garden or as I just lay in the hammock, my favorite!

Summer is the grandkids favorite time of year. Mainly because they are out of school but also because water is their favorite playground and frozen treats are a close second.

Since this is Nana’s Attic Crochet, what is one thing that nana always has on hand for the visiting grandchildren? POPSICLE Freezer Pops! Fruity Frozen flavors in stick form!

But they can be so very cold to little hands. So, I crocheted some holders for the kids to hold their frozen juice sticks! The kids love them, and they keep the kiddo’s hands from freezing. They’ll devour the sticks without complaining about the cold hands, and the holders help keep the hands less sticky from melting frozen pops.

Popsicle holders are very simple to make. You can crochet as many rounds as you want, depending on how long you want them, I have found that 3-4 inches is plenty long enough.

Short clip on crochet freezer popsicle holder

To Make your own Popsicle Holder

For yarn I used hobbii’s Chunky Amigo Aquarelle in a variegated green – Any color and any yarn weight will work, remember to adjust your hook size
My hook size was a 5 mm

Make a chain of 7
2 sc in the first chain, sc in the next 4 chains, 3 sc in last chain
Now you are going to work on the back side of the chain.
5 sc in the back chains, 14 total stitches.
sl st into the beginning stitch, chain 1, half double crochet in same st
Hdc around, continue working in the round with hdc until the holder is 3-4 inches long. Finish off and weave in your end.

There you are! A simple little popsicle frozen pop holder your kids will be happy to hang onto!

Green Freezer Popsicle Holder

The best thing is that these are machine washable! Just throw them into a mesh laundry bag, wash and throw in the dryer or hang them outside to dry.

Of course, you may use any yarn you like and any size hook.

I hope you like this quick tutorial for the crochet popsicle holder. It will make for happy little hands while holding their freezer popsicle.

Until next time!

Love Nana Dawn

Nursery Night Light Instructional

I hope everyone has had a productive week so far.

While perusing Facebook a little while back, I came upon a cute idea to use rope lighting to create a gentle light to hang on the nursery wall or under the crib. The process is very simple and creates a beautiful ambient light that will assist in getting that little one to sleep!

Nursery Night Light

The picture above is of one 10-foot rope light, but you can get them as long 25 feet.  The finished size is 12 inches across.

I purchased the rope light from Amazon, here.

The yarn is Bernat’s Blanket Extra in the color of cream, and a hook size 8 mm crochet hook.

To begin you will want to check to make sure that the lights work, so plug it in first.  Find a spot to work in and uncoil the rope light. 

Attach yarn at the end of the rope light without the electrical cord with a slip knot.

Insert your hook and sc. around the rope light approximately 20 sc.  As the light starts to coil you will start crocheting into the previously crocheted row.

Crochet in previous row around the light cord

Continue the sc around the rope light and into the previous row sc until the end of the rope.

When you reach the end with the electrical cord, fasten off and weave in the ends.

Weave in ends

There is it! The finished night light is ready to hang on the wall as in this picture or under the crib to give the child’s room a soft glow that will assist in their falling asleep.

Finished Nursery Light

I’d love to see photos of your finished projects! Try using a different color yarn, one that matches the theme in the room.

Don’t forget to tag #nanasatticcrochet in your posts

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