We did a thing! Would you believe it?

Surprise yarn

ok, I know this is a blog about me and my crochet business, Nana’s Attic Crochet, but sometimes, I just have to break out the champagne and celebrate for something WE did. Would you believe it? We did a thing!

So, I do craft shows and it is difficult at best to transport all my ‘stuff’ in a 4-door car. My husband has an SUV, but it is now 17 years old. So, on my very first day of work (July 5), my husband went to the car store and found an “affordable” replacement. The “affordable” is not what I would call affordable, but we needed a second vehicle since his old one just decided it no longer wanted to be used to transport humans or craft goodies for the market.

After 2 hours, we walked out of the store with new keys to my new Nana Sleigh! My husband gets the 4-door Kia Optima and I get the newer Kia Sorento. It is a pretty sweet ride!

We did a thing. now Nana has a new sleigh!
Nana’s New Sleigh; 2020 Kia Sorento

If this wasn’t enough for us, then what happened next sent someone screaming!

Well, all the newness of the Kia could not be dampened when the AC unit decided to quit working last Tuesday! Called our service out to check it, the vent that regulates the coolant froze up. We had to shut the unit down so that it could thaw out. We have been without AC for a week now. Thankfully we had an unused portable AC unit in the FROG (finished room over the garage) we just brought it downstairs and put it in the bedroom so that we could at least get some cool sleep. The AC unit will be repaired this week, but it’s been a few hot days!

Have you ever heard of the Red Neck Air Conditioner? No? Well, I fashioned one today for the living room. Not exactly the best most efficient way to cool a cathedral ceilinged room, but in a pinch, anything is better than hot air.

Red Neck Air Conditioner - We did a thing
Our Red Neck Air Conditioner

That’s it for this week folks! Hopefully, I’ll come up with a NEW topic for next week. Still struggling with the time management issue between work and Crochet Business.

Want to learn to make your own Red Neck AC? Check out this video (not an affiliate link).

Do you know anyone expecting a new baby sometime soon? I have ready-made blankets crying for a new babe to wrap around. Check them out here.

Until next time!

Love, Nana Dawn

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