9 of My favorite baby blankets

9 of my favorite baby blankets
Photo of Baby Blankets Folded

This week will showcase 9 of My Favorite Baby Blankets. Some of these are available in my store, in case you’d like to make a purchase.

There are so many different styles of baby blankets, that it was tough for me to list only 9 of my favorite baby blankets. The number of patterns I have for them is overwhelming and I will never get the opportunity to make them all.

Some baby blankets take a week or more to complete. Some are much more intricate, like the one I am currently working on pictured below.

This particular blanket is taking me forever to create! It is not exactly complicated, because it is just 4 rows repeated throughout the entire length desired. The border will be much more complicated and detailed. It will also be my most expensive baby blanket in my shop and will be worth the cost!

White Vintage Victorian Baby Blanket
Vintage Victorian Baby Blanket

With so many patterns how on earth do I choose which one I will make next or right now? To be perfectly honest, it isn’t easy! This blanket is available in my store, just click on the text below the image to go to this listing.

The above image is of an Interlocking Crochet pattern from Caron’s Simply Soft yarn. What a pain it was, but it turned out so nice and soft! The hardest part was that you don’t see the pattern until you are quite into the pattern of repeat rows. Nice blanket, super soft, and pretty large too. This blanket is available in my store, just click on the text below the image to go to this listing.

The baby blanket below is done in a stitch pattern known as the Blanket Stitch and is a pretty easy pattern to follow, even for a new crocheter. This blanket is also available in my store.

One of the easiest stitches I use to make blankets is the shell stitch, it is just 5 double crochet every two stitches. It works up fast and is rather pretty! See image below.

Shell Stitch blue variegated baby blanket
Shell Stitch blue variegated baby blanket

I had a couple of skeins of Velvet yarn, so I whipped up a purple velvet baby blanket. It is incredibly soft and thick!

Purple Velvet Baby Blanket
Purple Velvet Filet Stitch Blanket

Baby blankets for my grandbabies

I have eight (8) grandchildren and I have made baby blankets for all of them when they were born. The one below was given to my Jay-bug (her nickname from me) 8 long years ago. The Mint Green blanket was for another grandchild born that year.

Blanket I made Jadyn in 2014
Baby blanket from 2014
Mint Green baby blanket
Mint Green baby blanket 2014

Where to find baby blanket patterns

Baby blankets come in many varieties and colors as well as sizes. There are many patterns available on Etsy.com and on Ravelry. com.

So, go check out all the blanket patterns available if you’d like to start one of your own.

I hope you have a great week and celebrate the Fourth of July responsibly!

Until Next Time!

Love Nana Dawn

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