Popsicle Season is upon us!

Crochet Popsicle Holder

It is Summertime here in South Carolina and it is HOT!

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We don’t live close enough to the beach for me to be there every day, I have had to come up with other outlets to get cooled off, like turning the sprinklers on and letting the water hit me as I work in the garden or as I just lay in the hammock, my favorite!

Summer is the grandkids favorite time of year. Mainly because they are out of school but also because water is their favorite playground and frozen treats are a close second.

Since this is Nana’s Attic Crochet, what is one thing that nana always has on hand for the visiting grandchildren? POPSICLE Freezer Pops! Fruity Frozen flavors in stick form!

But they can be so very cold to little hands. So, I crocheted some holders for the kids to hold their frozen juice sticks! The kids love them, and they keep the kiddo’s hands from freezing. They’ll devour the sticks without complaining about the cold hands, and the holders help keep the hands less sticky from melting frozen pops.

Popsicle holders are very simple to make. You can crochet as many rounds as you want, depending on how long you want them, I have found that 3-4 inches is plenty long enough.

Short clip on crochet freezer popsicle holder

To Make your own Popsicle Holder

For yarn I used hobbii’s Chunky Amigo Aquarelle in a variegated green – Any color and any yarn weight will work, remember to adjust your hook size
My hook size was a 5 mm

Make a chain of 7
2 sc in the first chain, sc in the next 4 chains, 3 sc in last chain
Now you are going to work on the back side of the chain.
5 sc in the back chains, 14 total stitches.
sl st into the beginning stitch, chain 1, half double crochet in same st
Hdc around, continue working in the round with hdc until the holder is 3-4 inches long. Finish off and weave in your end.

There you are! A simple little popsicle frozen pop holder your kids will be happy to hang onto!

Green Freezer Popsicle Holder

The best thing is that these are machine washable! Just throw them into a mesh laundry bag, wash and throw in the dryer or hang them outside to dry.

Of course, you may use any yarn you like and any size hook.

I hope you like this quick tutorial for the crochet popsicle holder. It will make for happy little hands while holding their freezer popsicle.

Until next time!

Love Nana Dawn

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