Nursery Night Light Instructional

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While perusing Facebook a little while back, I came upon a cute idea to use rope lighting to create a gentle light to hang on the nursery wall or under the crib. The process is very simple and creates a beautiful ambient light that will assist in getting that little one to sleep!

Nursery Night Light

The picture above is of one 10-foot rope light, but you can get them as long 25 feet.  The finished size is 12 inches across.

I purchased the rope light from Amazon, here.

The yarn is Bernat’s Blanket Extra in the color of cream, and a hook size 8 mm crochet hook.

To begin you will want to check to make sure that the lights work, so plug it in first.  Find a spot to work in and uncoil the rope light. 

Attach yarn at the end of the rope light without the electrical cord with a slip knot.

Insert your hook and sc. around the rope light approximately 20 sc.  As the light starts to coil you will start crocheting into the previously crocheted row.

Crochet in previous row around the light cord

Continue the sc around the rope light and into the previous row sc until the end of the rope.

When you reach the end with the electrical cord, fasten off and weave in the ends.

Weave in ends

There is it! The finished night light is ready to hang on the wall as in this picture or under the crib to give the child’s room a soft glow that will assist in their falling asleep.

Finished Nursery Light

I’d love to see photos of your finished projects! Try using a different color yarn, one that matches the theme in the room.

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